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DIY Hot Air Balloon Mobile

I just finished one of the sweetest projects for Avery’s nursery!  I am obsessed with hot air balloons right now, so when I found a pattern for a hot air balloon mobile, I had to have it!  I found the link on an Etsy store named CraftSchmaft.  It is only $9 and well worth it!  They even have bundles with the pattern and fabric panels!  I chose to just get the pattern, since they didn’t have any that went perfect with my mint and coral theme.

I was a little nervous at first, because sometimes patterns scare me a little.  It was really easy to follow along.  The only thing I did differently was the baskets.  The pattern calls for felt that you use embroidery thread to make look like a basket and you put it together yourself.  I tried one and wanted a more authentic basket, so I went back to Etsy and found some miniature baskets that were PERFECT from loveitshabby2.  Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE ETSY?!

I also wanted something that moved around and had some music to it.  I found a mobile arm with music box on  It plays “You are My Sunshine” which is one of my favorites!  I was worried that the bars on my crib were not going to work with the part that attaches to the crib, so I had some ideas in case it didn’t.  Luckily it fit perfectly and I didn’t have to worry about it!

Avery's Hot Air Balloon Mobile
Avery’s Hot Air Balloon Mobile

Check out a video of the mobile in motion at on my YouTube channel.

The clouds are so cute too!  Love this!
The clouds are so cute too! Love this!





2 thoughts on “DIY Hot Air Balloon Mobile

  1. Did you use a sewing machine to make these or did you do it by hand?

  2. DId you use a sewing machine to make these? I love them!

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