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DIY Holiday Garland

Tis’ the season to make some wonderful memories! I am so excited to share this quick DIY holiday activity we do for almost every season at my house. I have been doing it for as long as I can remember. I love being able to decorate my house with something that Avery has created! Axel is finally at the age where he can do things too! He is already a master scribbler and yesterday we tried paint for the first time and he did so good!

We had so much fun painting our holiday garland together!

This activity is so easy and you literally can just make with whatever materials you have around the house. I cut shapes out for whatever season and we usually paint with watercolor paints, or finger paints, but you could totally use crayons, markers, etc. to decorate your garland. Heck if you can stand the mess, break out some glitter too!

Cut out some shapes for the season. I like to go for something more seasonal like snow and snowflakes vs Santas and Christmas trees as it seems as though I get more use out of them as they are wintery instead of just one holiday.
Artists at work!

When the kids were finished, I waited for them to dry and ran them through the sewing machine. If you don’t have a sewing machine, you could easily use mini clothespins to clip them onto some string or punch holes and string it! We like to hang it up in the window of the kitchen, on my chalkboards, wreaths, or even in the kids’ rooms! Avery loves to have her art hanging in her room to enjoy!

Such a cheese ball!
Voila! Super festive and fun to show off when company comes over!

Click Here to grab your free holiday garland printable!!