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Baby Number Two Baby Announcement & Gender Reveal

A little late on the post since my babe just turned 2 months, but I love our pregnancy announcement and reveal so I just had to share!  Look at how excited my baby girl was to be a big sister! She is the best at her new role as big sissy! We are so blessed!

I am trying so hard to get back in the groove of blogging again, but there is is much to catch up on! It’s amazing how busy you get when you have kids! I am just going to start working them in when I can!

Now onto the gender reveal. We did a blood test at 11 weeks.  Last time, we did scratch off tickets to reveal that we were having a little girl.  We actually were the only two that knew, so it was a surprise for the family.

These are the scratch off tickets we used to let my family in on the sex of the baby! They were fun, but the ladies were screaming , “It’s a girl!!” before some people even got them scratched off!
These are the scratch offs we made for Alex’s family. He wanted something more complicated. I put all the letters for girl along with a b and y, they had to scratch them all and spell either “girl” or “boy”

This time since gender reveal parties are all the buzz, we decided to do it a little different.  I wanted to find out with everyone, so my mom was the only one who knew.  We were all getting together for a late Christmas in January, so we decided to do it then.

I didn’t even have an idea how we were doing the reveal until the minute we were getting ready to do it.  We did the “Jimmy Fallon Russian Roulette.”  Basically you boil a 11 eggs.  Then you dye 6 pink and 6 blue including the 12th raw egg.  Then mom and dad take turns breaking eggs on their heads until you get the raw one and that tells you what the gender is!

Click below to see the reveal footage!

Click here to watch our Gender Reveal Russian Roulette!

I will admit, it was really fun to find out with everyone versus knowing ahead of time. We were both shocked to find out we were having a boy! All of Alex’s boy cousins have all had two girls so we just assumed we would follow suit.




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