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Dominican Republic

I decided that it was time to get busy on my blog.  Now that conferences and grade cards are over, I will hopefully have the time/energy to get back in the studio and get to crafting and blogging!  I was making a list of blog posts that I just need to sit down and type up.  I realized that I have not done a post on my trip to the Dominican Republic!  We went for my 30th birthday and it was AMAZING!  I wish we were there right now!

The Dominican Republic is a nation that shares an island with Haiti. Haiti is the poorest nation in the world. When we were visiting, a man told us that the Dominican Republic used to be poor and Haiti was rich. It has not been like that for a long time and their people want to keep it that way. I must say the Dominicans were such nice people. They wanted you to enjoy their beautiful island and keep the tourism alive. Staff of the hotel worked for as much as $100 and tips from the tourists were greatly appreciated. A $3 tip to me was a big deal for them.

Alex’s cousin Mike and his wife Stephane came with us on vacation and we had so much fun!  It was the first time they had left their little girl for such a long time.  I had a hard time missing my pups, so I sort of knew what they were going through.  We stayed pretty busy doing excursions, eating, and had our fair share of adult beverages!  We decided that this would have to become a tradition because we had such a great time!

Dinner time!
It was so much fun to have another couple along for the fun!

I wish we would have gotten pictures of the very first night we got there.  It looked as if it were going to rain at any moment and we didn’t want to get our cameras wet and ruined the first night of vacation, so we left them in the rooms.  Our phones didn’t even have service, so there was no reason to risk getting them wet.  So we headed out to the beach after a delicious dinner and walked the beach.  It was beautiful, the weather was amazing and we couldn’t believe we were in the Caribbean!  We stumbled upon the most amazing beach party.  There was a DJ and these light-up cubes for seating on the sandy beach.   They were serving luscious frozen drinks in coconuts and pineapples.

Mike got the party going by convincing the rest of us that we needed to start the party.  We were just glad to be off that plane and on the beach so we said, “What the hell!” and started to dance the night away!  And soon enough…more and more people started filling in the empty spots on the beach dance floor and we were all having the best time!  It was so much fun just letting loose with Alex that night.  It is a memory that I will never forget!  Can I please tell you what a workout that was?  It did not take too long before your calves were burning!  We danced the night away!  The party ended with a pretty intense game of limbo!  Check out the slideshow for more pictures from our trip!

I did manage to grab a ziplock full of shells and sand for a project when I got home!  I was not sure what exactly I was going to do with it, but I figured it out!  I kept seeing pins for vases with layers of sand that I thought would be fun to make.  Every time you go to a beach, collect some sand and you can layer it!  I guess that gives us an excuse to go somewhere tropical again!  I kept my eyes peeled for the perfect vase, but when I was at Goodwill, I found the PERFECT glass jug.  It only cost me $1.49!

Our first beach!
Our first beach!










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