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Grandma Bloesser’s Freshly Squeezed Limeade

Today we had a BBQ at my Grandma Bloesser’s house since I was home for Memorial Weekend. Grandma taught me how to whip up some fresh squeezed limeade! It was so hot out and we were in need for something refreshing to drink! Mom and I picked up about 10 limes from the store. I think we only used about 6 of them but it is always good to have more than less.

Grandma’s Freshly Squeezed Limeade

10 limes
1/4 cup light corn syrup
Sugar to taste
Before using a squeezer, take the limes and roll them between your hands until they are soft. This will help get the juices flowing and make them easier to squeeze. After each lime is soft, cut them in half and use a squeezer to get all the juice you can get out of each lime. Toss the squeezed limes in the pitcher.
Me being silly while squeezing away!
Me being silly while squeezing away!
Don't fill the pitcher up all the way until you play with the sugar first!
Don’t fill the pitcher up all the way until you play with the sugar first!
We had quite a bit of juice from 6 limes so we sat the other ones aside. We added cold water and some sugar to the pitcher and mixed it up good. (This is where you would add the corn syrup but we were out so we just used sugar.) Start with less sugar because you can always add more. Luckily if we would have used too much sugar we had 4 more limes on standby. There is not a specific amount of sugar to add so just add to taste, pour over ice and enjoy!!
My beautiful grandma!
My beautiful grandma!
I love learning how to make things I held so dear to my heart while growing up! I had some of my best times helping grandma out in the kitchen! I will always remember when I was having a tough time grandma would always say…”When life hands you lemons…Make lemonade!” Or in this case…limeade!!

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