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Letter to Ellen

My Letter to Ellen
My Letter to Ellen

Who doesn’t love Ellen Degeneres?  I look up to her so much.  She has a hit tv show, comedian, and is a fabulous dancer! I could only dream to have the kind of success that she has.  She gets to do what she loves everyday.  Can you imagine what it would be like to do what you love to do everyday AND get paid for it?  My mom is a huge Ellen fan and is always telling me I should write into her show.  The only problem is I wasn’t sure what exactly to write her about.  Then there is always the thought in my head…Why would she pick my story?  Out of all the people in the world that write in to her, why would she pick me?  Then I told myself, “Amber…she can’t pick you if you don’t write her in the first place.”  

So today I tried.  I sat down and wrote my story to her in exactly 1500 words.  For those of you who know me I always have a lot to say. (That might be an understatement lol) I did have to go through and change all of my spaces between sentences to one instead of two and change all of my “ands” to “&” to save up enough characters but I did it!  I have been thinking about writing Ellen for a long time now but I was not sure what I would say or even where to begin.  I took a little leap of faith because this blogging thing has turned into something I love doing so much and decided to try.  

Here is what I wrote to her:

I am turning 30 in 2 months. As you can imagine, I am having a little crisis over it because I am no where where I thought I would be at 30! I am not married & do not have kids yet even though it is something I want more than anything in the world. Crying to my grandma the other day I told her, “I’m turning 30 and have nothing to show for it.” I know I do; I have 2 college degrees and a boatload of friends and family that I am blessed with, but something is missing.

I am what most of my friends would refer to as a little “Martha Stewart”. I love creating things with my own two hands. I have recently started a blog called and I have been featuring DIY projects, recipes, and life experiences. I want to get my blog going full force in homes that I can get paid for it too. The thought of being able to do all the things that I love & help others see they can too would be my dream job!

I teach 2nd grade and I love it but what I don’t love is the pay. I could really use some extra income to help pay off the $50,000 in student loans off & maybe even start a savings account. I want to be able to really make a comfortable life for myself & maybe even open a savings account or go out for drinks with my girlfriends which I never do because I am always broke.

I was hoping you could help me learn how to turn my blog into a profitable 2nd job & start living my life to the fullest! Ellen please help me become the “Martha Stewart” of my generation!

Amber Nuckles

Now as you can imagine I could have written a book about why I want to do this but the form would not let me type more than 1500 characters in.  I get it; she probably gets millions of submissions everyday.  Then I thought to myself, “Amber, this is something you really want to make happen.”  So I decided the most logical thing for me to do is to blog about it.  Maybe Tweet her about it and get my idea out there.

I am tired of not doing things that I want to do because I am scared or think I am not worthy.  I deserve all the things in life that I want just like everyone else.  Alex is always telling me that we make our own luck so all I can do is try.  I have been sitting on the idea of making this blog into a profit for a long time.  What good does that do for anyone?  If I want something to happen I have to try so we will see if it gets me anywhere!

This post should come as a surprise to everyone because it is something that I have not talked to anyone about really.  I did make the comment to my Grandma Bloesser the other day when I was upset on the phone that if I could get paid to blog I would love that!  I am a lot like my Grandma Bloesser. She is always going 100 miles an hour trying to do a million projects at once.  She is the most amazing woman.  I owe so much in life to her.  She is an inspiration to me.  If I grow up to be half the woman she is, I will have lived a successful life.

My Grandma Bloesser and I at the Grant County Fair
My Grandma Bloesser and I at the Grant County Fair

I can only dream that Ellen will help me learn how to get sponsors and for my blog.  Who knows…maybe I could feature a project once a week on her show.  Could you imagine how cool that would be?

Keeping my fingers crossed…



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