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Peanut Butter Cup Hot Chocolate


It is funny because I feel like this weekend is my time to get some good blogging and reflecting in of my week. Because I want this to be my new lifestyle, I have to really look at myself hard in the mirror.  It is not always a pretty sight no matter how I look at it, but no one is perfect right?  I have let myself get into this unhealthy routine and I seem to be really hard on myself.  You are your own worst critic right??  It was so nice out today that I actually ended up doing my long run today.  Last week was 5 miles for my long run and it was the first time I had ran outside since it has been warm out.  It was amazing.  I ran it at a 10:04 pace and felt great when I was done.

This Week's Training Schedule
This Week’s Training Schedule

As you can see, my long run this week was 6 miles.  Today was not so pretty.  I ran it in 60:27 but I did walk for a little bit.  It was pretty rough and I think I was more interested in my time than I maybe should have been.  I had a hard time breathing a few times and that does not happen to be a problem for me most of the time.  I had to remind myself that it is only Week 4 and I am just starting to get back in the grove of things.  I have been doing well finishing up my 4th Week of Couch to 13.1.  Exercise-wise I feel like I am doing great.  I am thinking about adding something else next week.  Maybe a 10 Day Zumba Challenge.  I might even try to do Insanity again with Alex.  He has been doing P90 but I think he is wanting to switch it up.  Insanity’s workouts are a lot shorter and are a lot easier to squeeze in the day.  I really enjoy Zumba so I might do that before I commit to 60 days.  I could blog about either though to hold myself accountable so I will sleep on it.

I am trying sot hard to be good but I have a killer sweet tooth so I am trying to satisfy that sweet tooth in me with healthy alternatives.  I have been known to scarf down an entire bag of chocolates and I am not proud of it….but it is delicious almost every single time   One of those bittersweet things in life ya know.  I know its not good for me but I am going to stuff my face with it….we are all guilty of it.  I can admit I have a problem and owning up to it is the first step right?  I want to be able to eat things that satisfy one of those things I enjoy so much in life….call her the kid in me I guess.  Alex is not a big guy on sweets so he doesn’t get it.  I know that I am not the only one out there so maybe through my blog I can help inspire some people to start eating healthier.  I can tell you I feel the best I have felt in years.  I am turning 30 in April and I truly believe those that say your 30’s are the best years.  I am not going to say I didn’t enjoy my 20’s either…because I sure as hell did!  I hope that life only gets better from here.


And what you are mostly interested in hearing about is my Sweet Tooth Treat for the day!  When I lost weight for my Bahama’s cruise I would sometimes have hot chocolate at night to help curve that chocolate craving I tend to get a lot!  I have been drinking it since January when I am wanting something sweet.  Trust me it works!  Think about when you were a kid and how delicious it was to drink a cup of hot cocoa.  Some of my best memories are hanging out with my cousins Miranda and Melanie along with my baby brother Jace…at my Grandma Bloesser’s house drinking hot chocolate, watching Dirty Dancing, and eating popcorn with strips of Velvetta cheese on it. (Which is one of my Grandpa Bloesser’s things…someday I will have to blog about how he has perfected the art of microwaving sausage and biscuits to perfection every time!  I have told him before I wanted to record him doing it and put it on Youtube!  Maybe now I will have to make it happen! lol)


What I appreciate about hot chocolate is that I can make some with milk and mini marshmallows for only 4 points on Weight Watchers.  And I never eat more than my 10 marshmallows! (They are 0 points so that means if I have 20 that is still 0 right??)  I had been thinking about throwing some peanut butter in with my hot chocolate and when I finished warming my milk I decided it was the right thing to do.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Hot Chocolate

Just add a spoonful of peanut butter!
Just add a spoonful of peanut butter to your hot chocolate.  I highly recommend milk vs water but it really is a personal preference.  The peanut butter flavor was delicious!  It was perfection!!!

I was on Facebook earlier and a friend of mine posted a picture of this vegan ice cream made of frozen bananas and peanut butter made in a blender.  I am definitely going to check this out tomorrow.  As in…I have already chopped the bananas and threw them in the freezer!  Tune in tomorrow folks!  If there is one thing I could eat all day long it is ice cream so if I like this we may be in the clear for this new healthy eating habit!  I saw this on Pinterest the other day and thought it sounded amazing but thought well if I want it right now I don’t have any frozen bananas.  We bought more bananas at Hyvee today so we are set for this sweet treat tomorrow!!!  It is funny, we always have fruit on hand but we have been going through 2 or 3 bundles of bananas each week!  I eat apples with peanut butter like they are going out of style so I am interested in this frozen treat tomorrow!  And now that I am looking at the clock and seeing that it is 4:30 am I am thinking it is time to get some sleep!

Reese's PB Cup Hot Chocolate, Pinterest, and my blog??  I think so!!!!
Reese’s PB Cup Hot Chocolate, Pinterest, and my blog?? I think so!!!!





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