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Diva Dash 2013

Well things have been super crazy around here.  It is Spring Break and I am just now sitting down to get some blogging in!  I have been busy traveling the state of Kansas since last Friday.  It seems like the week has just flown by!  I got my El Ranchito fix (a few times!) and got some qt in with my family before coming back to Kansas City on Wednesday.  I had big plans on getting some things done in Amber’s Craft Studio and here I am on Saturday and it is the first time I have even had a chance to log in!

Tracey and me at last year's Diva Dash 2012
Tracey and me at last year’s Diva Dash 2012

This morning I ran the Diva Dash with some of the Turner Elementary Crew!  I was a bit nervous about it because I have not gotten hardly any runs in since I was sick right after conferences (Valentine’s Day).  I was not too worried about it, but the runner in me wishes I would have been more ready for the race so I could have challenged my time from last year.  Last year I ran it in 27:34.  I may have been able to do that a month ago when I was doing really well with my running schedule.  Today I ran it in 30:21 and I will take that! Next year though it is on!

Turner Elementary Divas
Turner Elementary Divas
LOVE the bibs this year!  Too Cute!
LOVE the bibs this year! Too Cute!
Got a rockin’ Diva Finishers Medal this year! I will hang that up next to my Warrior Dash one from last year!
Got Our Bling!
Got Our Bling!


Had a blast with the Turner Divas today!  We are hoping to schedule some more races soon!  It was cold but we made it!

I have officially registered for my first half marathon for May 18th!  I will be running the Go Girl Half Marathon in Olathe.  I was supposed to run one on May 5th with my bestie for her 30th birthday but her hubby accepted a job in New Mexico this month so they will be busy getting moved.  I hope to run one with her soon!  Let the training begin…Again!  Let’s hope I don’t get sick so I can get back into the grove of things.  I am using Couch to 13.1 app by Trish Blackwell on my iPhone.  I got sick around Week 6 so I am planning on jumping back into Week 5 starting Monday.  That will give me a full 8 weeks of training before the run in May.  Wish me luck!

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